Constant and Unchanging


There are some things in my life that are so constant and unchanging.  Whenever I feel lost, I like to think about these things and then I am suddenly swept with calm and happiness.  Today as I was driving to the hospital in my sister’s car with the car seat I started to think about this.  Today’s constants were:

1.  The Northern Star.

2.  DC101 is one of my favorite music stations.  In high school people said 99.1HFS was “better” but the two were just different.  DC101 is it’s own beast that once employed Howard Stern.   I just read an online forum where someone complained that DC101 constantly plays Pearl Jam.  That to me is a plus, not a minus.

3.  Modest Mouse Float On is timeless.

4.  My love for my nephew and niece remains regardless of whatever the circumstance.  Scream all night little man.  I will still love you in the morning even when the circles beneath my eyes are deep.

5.  It really is a circle. I took this photo of my Grammy being transported from the hospital to hospice care.  I rode in the ambulance with her and while we were sitting outside waiting I held her hand and whispered, “Feel the sun on your skin Grammy?  That’s the sun.”

I knew good and well that it would be the last time she would feel the sun’s warmth, this life around.  Today I took this photo of my nephew leaving the hospital and whispered “Feel the sun on your skin, Liam?  That’s the sun.”


Moments when I can live in the present and still take in parallels, make me so grateful they take my breath away.  All is well.  xoxo

–  Aja

(Illustration by Paula Bonet)


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