Beanie Heaven

You’re good with colors Aja. I’m not. B is also good with colors. He wears pink and blue and yellow jeans, even floral ones (that I do too though). He mixes and matches and it always looks really cool. I tend to go for my usual black and gray. B also has a beanie fetish. He loves them. Lucky for him, that’s the one piece of clothing you can actually buy at the grocery store. People make them locally and sell them there. And he’s bought half the inventory. Some of them come my way.



He got me the yellow and black one. I already wear that one all the time. Yesterday he got the pink and black one for himself but it was too small, so I took it from him and replaced it with the pink and gray one. And with the purple beanie Bergur sent me, I have a wee collection! A little splash of color in my otherwise very bland world. Perhaps that’ll what I’ll do to add a little more color to my outfits, wear brightly colored beanies?

– Agathe


One thought on “Beanie Heaven

  1. OceanBetweenUs says:

    I love all of them but particularly the pink and grey one! B wears a lot of bright colors. I’m really digging his new purple Doc Martens. – Aja


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