Giveaways: Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday!


Remember when I promised you all free clothes?!?  Well I wasn’t kidding around.

Tall girls need not apply for this one (don’t worry tall girls, I’ll have things you can apply for, especially if you have big feet like me 10/41).  So who wants a pair of Diesel jeans?  I don’t know the exact inseam on these but I’ll tell you I’m 5’6 (almost 5’7) and they’re about a centimeter off the ground on me.  There was a day when these jeans fit me perfectly (with just the right amount of baggy slouch) but right now they pinch my love handles more than I enjoy.

Diesel definitely knows what they’re doing when it comes to denim.  These jeans are almost ten years old (purchased in 2005) and they look amazingly current.  I can also vouch that they are extremely well made.  I’ve had many a pair of denim wear out especially in the thighs and these show no wear what-so-ever except around the hem (which came with the de-constructed look).

Size:  33

Materials:  100% cotton and shrunk from many washes.

Don’t be fooled by that number 33 from those skinny sleek Italians.  These things fit a size 8-10 best, especially if you’re going for that perfect oversized, comfy look.  If you’re a US12 (which I certainly am in some trousers) I do not recommend.

So how do you win?  Just leave a comment below.  The drawing will be open for TWO weeks (since it’s the inaugural giveaway and all).  After that time I’ll put all your names in a hat and draw the winner.  Sounds good?  So c’mon out lurkers.  Let us know you’re there.  Right now K-Line is the forerunner for all our giveaways, so someone better give her some competition!  (K-Line, we love you and you come up in conversation often.)

–  Aja



Re: Yes. Still Loved, Despite Great Faults


Thank you, Aja. Sometimes it’s the prospect of change that is scary, even though I know from experience how well I deal with sudden changes. It is even often then I feel the most vital and strong. There are just some things you really don’t want to change. Some things you just want to hold onto as hard as you can. Then a friend of mine said something beautiful. He said that change is inevitable, until it is the changeless that is left. Everything that isn’t based on something true will eventually fall apart, it is meant to.

This realization made me sigh with relief. Of course. And then I wasn’t really scared anymore. Now I am just confused. Haha.

It’s just one of those times in my life when anything can happen. Where nothing is really settled. Will I go this way or that way? But even though the impatient part of me feels uncomfortable because I want all the answers straight away, it is also a great opportunity. It is at those times where nothing really needs to be done, all I can do is sit back, relax, and wait. Enjoy the moment.

So this is my plan: Sleep well, eat well, watch the ocean waves and spend time with those I love. By the way, want to Skype soon?

– Agathe

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Enquiring Minds Want To Know!


Since I’m currently feeling under the weather with an annoying cold (as you already know Agathe because I chatted with you earlier), I feel like the post couldn’t be more properly timed with the elements.

So I ask you all a very important question.  Is it better to have the long drawn out hangover or just to vomit the night of the damage and get it all over with?

Over the weekend someone who shall not be named was hungover.  Super hungover.  Like could barely move hungover.

And the kicker is that that sort of business apparently gets much worst as you age.  Me?  I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been hungover a day in my life.  I know!  It sounds too good to be true.  And it is!  I’m never hungover because when I drink more than three drinks I’ll most likely vomit violently that evening.  And that friends is why I hardly ever drink.  Don’t get me wrong, if I’m at your wedding, I’ll certain do the champagne toast and if it’s a friend I’ve not seen in five years, I’ll have a little wine while we catch up.  But for the most part I just don’t really enjoy drinking.  It’s difficult to explain to new people that my idea of a dull night is sitting at a bar watching others get tanked while I make up excuses and mocktails.  But I don’t miss it that much to be honest.  It’s expensive and kind of pointless, to be frank.  And with the alcoholism that runs rampant on both sides of my families (and everyone elses so it seems), I think my alcohol allergy is mostly for the best.

But I’d like to take a poll.  Would you rather have a long drawn out hangover worthy of fierce self loathing or a violent vomit where you think you might die for a second, but then feel good as new two minutes later while you wipe your mouth on your coat?  Looking forward to this discussion.

For the record, I have never wiped vomit on my coat, however if you are ever in that state, I will not judge you if you do.

–  Aja

(Illustration by The Great Shel Silverstein)


Yes. Still Loved, Despite Great Faults


You are loved.

You are loved.

You are loved.

Sometimes we need to hear that when we’re beating ourselves black and blue.  I know about the fear.  I know it well.  I know about feeling paralyzed too.  Sometimes when we’ve made a poor decision all we can do is sit there and analyze every possible thing we’ve done poorly along the way.  It changes nothing and it’s pretty not awesome.  One thing we have to realize is that living out our faults is normal and par for the great course of life.  You age, you make less mistakes but no matter what age we are there will always be things we feel we could have done better.  Sometimes if we’re very lucky, we manage to surround ourselves with people who see all our faults in neon bright lights and love us anyway.

I’ll give you some advice my Dad gave me a while back.  Before we can fully forgive others, we have to first begin to forgive ourselves.  So go ahead forgive yourself for all your faults.  It will be okay.  Rinse, lather, repeat.  Forgive, forgive, forgive.  And stop watching bad tv, that shit is depressing  xo

–  Aja

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Loved Despite Great Faults?


Yes, I am returning to and old thread of ours. Remember when we wrote about our biggest faults? Well, I am currently living out several of them. The toughest one is number two on my list, being hard on myself. I am beating myself up big time. And doing it, I realize other great faults. One is that I believe the happiness of those around me is my responsibility. I really want to stay calm and strong and happy for all. I want to be the perfect mother, girlfriend, lover, friend, housewife… You name it. I never really saw myself as a perfectionist, but I am. Add that to the list. And so when I fail, like when with number five, being too honest (add that up with impulsiveness), or like with number three, being impatient, it can be one hell of a mix. And with being a perfectionist, I tend to expect a lot from others too. Then I beat myself up over it afterwards because none of us can be perfect, and I feel like a horrible mom, girlfriend… You take your pick.

To be honest, it frightens me. I guess I can add this to the list: I have a hard time believing that I can be loved unless I truly am perfect.

My life has taken a turn for the worse lately. On so many levels it’s great, really wonderful. But things have happened that are both scary and unpleasant. I stood strong in the storm for a while and I was proud of myself for that. Sometimes it surprises me how much I can take and still stay fairly composed. But I guess I’m not always as strong as I like to think I am. I want to be because I feel like the world depends on it. When I finally fell over, I was expecting everything to come crashing. I am still holding my breath. Will it be okay?

It is a times like these we tend to discover who are our true friends. Sometimes it’s the people you least expect that come around to lend you a hand. And sometimes you lose some on the way. But then I guess it was meant to be that way.

I really have to give myself a break. It will be fine.

– Agathe

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Now Is The Time

Autumnbreeze1 AutumnBreeze2 AutumnBreeze3 AutumnBreeze4

I’m the first person to rag on where I live.  The DC area is far from perfect.  It’s congested and uppity.  I tend to regard hometown pride with the same disaffection art students carry towards school pep rallies.  While I loved London more than any place I’ve ever lived, I’ll tell you point blank, on a Saturday night, London stinks of piss.

HOWEVER … in the autumn, DC simply can’t be beat.  The DC metropolitan is the most beautiful this time of year and because we have mountains and farms a stone’s throw away so you simply cannot lose.  So if you’re ever to come and visit Agathe (and I know that you will), keep this time period in mind when buying your ticket.

–  Aja