The Wedding Ceremony


Yes, September 29, 2014 was indeed a good day! I am so happy Liam was safely delivered and he is even more adorable than I could ever have imagined. Apart from a baby being born and me and B getting married, I was also very moved by how the captain and the guys took to their parts very seriously. The captain had written a speech in advance, Haukur, B’s friend, did the photos, and he was very particular about getting everything documented. At night, after work, the guys had celebrated our marriage at the camp by getting drunk and reading the speech out loud again. Since I didn’t understand much of it at the time, I thought I’d share the translated version with you now.

“We are gathered here on this occasion because our Daddi (B’s nickname) and miss Agathe have decided to get married. This is intended to be a symbolic ceremony to give them the courage before the real deal. It is a thing of the past that boat captains can legally wed people. It was intended for when boats were at sea for long periods of time and people wanted to get married. I don’t think I am breaking any laws by doing this. 

Just so they know what to expect, I will read a poem by Birgir Bragason:

“They walk down the church floor

At 9 o’clock they went to bed

They woke up at 10 and 12, 2, 4, 6 and 8.”

Then the bride and groom shall take their place. And I will ask them both at once if they are ready to accept the responsibility that a marriage is. If the answer is yes, I will then ask the gods Odin, Thor, Freyr and Freya to strengthen them for good intercourse.

And we wish them well.”

(At this point he read another old poem, but it will have to wait for later, because not even B understood that one.)

– Agathe


One thought on “The Wedding Ceremony

  1. OceanBetweenUs says:

    The ceremony sounds so beautiful! When you make it official with the state I hope to be there. Give me lots of notice 😉 xoxo – Aja


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