I Got A Nephew Today!


Well some how it happened and we’re all in love yet again with another incredible, little human being.  And because you know my family by now … there were of course some stories.

Mum and Dad made fun of my hair while we waited for him.  (It did have a certain Sonic the Hedgehog je ne sais quoi to it this morning.)

ManygfinejokeshatersgonnahateAisha and James named Liam “William” (after my Dad) on his birth certificate but kept it a secret from Dad.  He will be called Liam however.  Dad was a bit in shock and had no idea how to react so instead he inquired about the finer things in life.

FreeicecreamdisappointedAisha told us all to “just get out” when she realized we (Dad, in particular) couldn’t be trusted to have a decent response to a perfectly pleasant surprise.

September 29, 2014 was a very good day Agathe!  Tell B I love his sailor shirt.  You two looked like a million bucks!  Sending hugs and love because the love cup here runneth over.

–  Aja


2 thoughts on “I Got A Nephew Today!

    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      Oh K-Line he’s amazing! He does have a little personality. You can tell he’s trying to absorb as much as possible. Also BABY SMELL. Oh I wish I could bottle it up! xoxo – Aja


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