Being An Aunt


Those of you that are new to this blog might not know this but I am the Aunt to a precocious little girl named Avery and tomorrow I will be an Aunt again (to Avery’s brother named Liam).  All of this excitement has got me thinking about being an aunt and how much I truly love it.  I thought it would be underwhelming but I can say with all honesty, I was truly shocked by how much love came pouring out of my heart the minute I heard Avery’s heart beat in an ultrasound.  Here are the things I love most about being an aunt:

1.  Permission to do really stupid things with little judgment from others because you have a child handy so you’re just playing the part, naturally.  These actions are no limited to but do include:

a.  Making stupid faces.

b.  Skipping in public for no reason at all.

c.  Having impromptu dance parties.

2.  Having a partner in crime when it comes to petty things like me being too lazy to wash and prepare food to eat.  I tell Avery to tell my Mum that she’s hungry, Avery does and comes back holding a bowl of raspberries.  We high five and eat them together.

3.  Being surprised when she says surprisingly adult things.  Three months ago she had come down with a cold in the middle of the night and my Mum and I were sitting up with her, rubbing her back at 4am.  I told her “Avery, I’m sorry you’re sick.  It makes me really sad when you don’t feel good”.  She patted my head and told me it was okay.  I was shocked by her even keeled response so I asked her how old she was.  Her response “I’m two.  Just two.”

I’m a little shocked that my heart will pour open with more unimaginable love tomorrow but hearts are funny that way, aren’t they?

–  Aja

PS-  I’m not sure if the photo of you and B shows up on your page because I didn’t even see it until B added me today.  Needless-to-say when he added me, it made me feel cool and then dorky for feeling cool.  That’s a damn good smokey eye indeed.

(Favorite illustration by Valeria Hernan)


2 thoughts on “Being An Aunt

    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      Poor Avery hasn’t been able to touch him yet. That nasty deadly virus that’s going around the US currently has banned anyone under the age of 18 from hospitals. She facetimed him today and got so excited she cried at the end. She kept saying “He’s SO CUTE! HE’S SO CUTE!” I think she was overwhelmed and missing her parents. Either way I pulled her in close and filled her with cuddles as I remember the night my sister was born and having a very similar reaction! – Aja


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