I Know, I Know


I know we’re not talking about fashion all the time around these parts but here’s something completely unaffordable that neither of us could buy!  I’ve been in love with this Burberry Prorsum sweater since I first laid eyes upon it.

–  Aja


4 thoughts on “I Know, I Know

  1. The minute I saw this sweater I knew who the author was! Listen, honey, you could make that EASILY. Like the wool is chunky and the needle size is large. Remind me – you knit, right? Wool and the Gang might be right up your alley (though those kits are also ridic expensive). Weirdly, I’m making a sweater in yarn of this colour right now. While I love it in this photo, I’m not sure how I feel about it in real life. On me. (Totally diff style than this one though.)


  2. OceanBetweenUs says:

    Love this one! I find it really hard to find good knits, mostly because the quality is always so crappy. I’d pay a decent sum for a decent sweater, but maybe not enough to get this.

    – Agathe


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