All Sorts of Weird


Sometimes I wonder why the world is like it is. Why there are so many dos and don’ts and why we seem to conform so blindly to them. I’m no exception, I guess we’re all just prone to adopt different truths. For me, I don’t get why make-up for men is such a no-no. Who decided that half the population of the world “have” to wear make up, while the rest half “can’t” (at least if they’re want to be taken seriously).

I seem to meet people who challenge ideas like this, and yesterday B and I had a make-up session in the bathroom while sipping wine. I taught him how to do smoky eyes while demonstrating on myself. In reality we were wearing the exact same make-up, yet because he has a penis and I don’t, it seems more chocking on him. I posted this picture of us (the first of us together) on Facebook, and it got mysteriously quiet. I don’t care. I thought he looked smoking hot!

In addition to experimenting in the kinky and weird department, we’re also trying all sorts of strange foods. I like introducing our local specialities to someone who hasn’t tried them before (one day you’ll be the target, Aja). I especially love it when they seem to like everything they’re being served. We had cod tongues one day (fry cod tongues up in butter and they turn crispy on the outside and soft on the inside), today we had smoked lambs hearts (actually never tried it before), the day before we had crab claws (which I guess isn’t all that weird anyway) and we have reindeer in the freezer for a rainy day.

I like this in meeting new people, how we can help each other expand our horizon and challenge some old beliefs that perhaps aren’t really as valid as we thought they were. I also like this about our friendship, how we both seem to be pretty open-minded, but how we sometimes have different viewpoints, and then I stop and think about my own perspective and maybe make a few adjustments. I hope I never stop doing this. The day I do, that’s the day I grow old.

– Agathe


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