Re: I Can’t Sleep

Oh, I remember Northern Exposure well! I don’t think it was ever big over here, it was always sent late at night and I’d get up after bedtime just to watch it. That and X-Files were my secret shows, the former because it was too late, and X-Files because I wasn’t really allowed to see it. Northern Exposure is the reason why I was always rooting for Aidan in Sex and the City. It is also where I first heard of Nine Inch Nails.

I always sleep better during winter. Summer can obviously be challenging out here since we have sunlight 24/7. But when winter comes and darkness sets in again, and when it’s like today, when there’s a storm howling around the house and I can sleep to the rain hammering against the window, then it’s all good. But I’ve often had problems sleeping.


I became hooked on melatonin too. For a long time I have pretty much not been able to sleep without it. But suddenly I realized that ever since I met B, I haven’t taken a single sleeping pill. I just sleep. I guess it’s because all is good. I’ve come to a place in life where there’s little to worry about, and when he’s there beside me, I seem to fall asleep right away. I close my eyes, and off I go. For being one who’s been struggling with sleeping problems off and on since childhood, I cannot begin to express how great this feels. No waking hours, no melatonin, just a good night’s sleep, and a happy face to wake up to.

But a good storm can do the trick as well.

– Agathe

Stormy photo from here.


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