Maiko Nagao

Trust  letsmoveletitgo

I recently realized that I had pinned pretty much every piece of work Maiko Nagao has available.  Her lighthearted aesthetic makes me feel buoyant and joyful.  Her work is literally like a pick-me-up in a cup.  So I went to check out her blog and what do you know?  More of the same!  She shares all sorts of wonderful DIY tutorials and even gives away downloads of her work for free.  I can tell, it’s going to be a favorite stop of mine this winter when I’m snowed in with nothing to do!  My reason for posting this is so that you would have something to do while you are healing.  The only way to combat cabin fever is to keep your hands busy with something or another.  I took out my knitting needles today and started to get all excited!

I hope you’re on the mend, this place isn’t the same without you!  I’m working tomorrow so I won’t be at my computer, but my phone will be on if you want to catch up.  We’ve been on a two month run of talking almost every day for multiple hours.  I’m a little amazed we haven’t gotten sick of each other and if you were sick of me, I’d TOTALLY understand 😀

–  Aja

(PS-  Darlings, you can follow me on pinterest here but be warned, if you’re like me and you get easily sucked into things, you might want to avoid it.  I can spend hours on there!)


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