Re: The Love Boat


(Happy sigh).  A guy I recently dated enjoyed pointing out my odd little quirks and bringing them up later in a slightly teasing manner.  He got really good at this quickly.  It didn’t bother me immediately but it probably would have annoyed me later down the line.  I certainly didn’t pick on him for his oddities!  One of these quirks was that he mentioned that I “love a good story”.  This was after I was telling him about a funny coincidence in my life.  I really couldn’t tell if he were being complimentary or attempting to shame me.  (“Attempt” is the key word, as you’ve pointed out, sometimes I am a little shameless).  But I do love a good story!  Most people do and if they don’t I feel sorry for them.  It’s another one of those things that makes this life bearable.

I think you and I are constantly peering at life through this little telescope and when we find a very good coincidence, we marvel at it, much like a shooting star.  We also record these findings in our notebooks or rush off to tell each other.  The image above is the shooting star Mira, who is only a couple of light years away.  Practically our neighbor!  The image comes from this Science Blogs where you can learn everything you ever needed to know about shooting stars!

–  Aja

PS –  I’m glad this one has the I.M seal of approval.  She approved of the last one but I thought she was a little off the mark.  All of this is of course me judging from 5,000 miles away so I suppose she does have a slight advantage.


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