More Notes On Doing Whatever You Please

TWBstudioMeStretchingRecently on our last sailing trip down the Potomac one of my ship mates asked me why I danced ballet anyway.  I had been explaining to another mate that I can tell my knees hate me just a little bit (especially the left one, my stronger leg).  But his question caught me off guard.  As I find myself winding down from the ballet routine (four days a week became two this year) there’s no way I would quit cold turkey.  But, I didn’t really enjoy having my favorite activity questioned by an outsider who had never danced and could not possibly understand the stupid love affair.

My answer simple and said with enough force to stop the conversation dead in it’s tracks “… because I love it.”

But really, why do anything in life?  Everything you do puts wear and tear on your body and you know what ruins you in the worst sort of way?  Being stagnant.  Isn’t life a terminal disease in the fact that no one gets out alive?  You may as well have as much fun as possible while you’re here.

MePostClassAnd why on earth would I want to miss out on all of this?  (I included this photo to show how much I sweat.  I am the sweatiest girl in the class.  I take pride in that title.  Ain’t nobody as sweaty as me.)


POP QUIZ: Which toe do I clearly tend to drag?

–  Aja


2 thoughts on “More Notes On Doing Whatever You Please

  1. You are so right! No one gets out alive, alas. And movement will make you young even as it runs the risk of aging you. What do you think you’ll do in lieu (not that I’m trying to suggest that anything could replace your first love)? Do you like yoga? (There are some similarities.)

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    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      Well I actually do yoga once a week (vinyasa flow) and I also run almost every day (the running I’d love to quit). If my knee gets really bad obviously ballet is done. Buuuuuut until that happens . . . I’m gonna dance like nobody is watching my sweaty self. – Aja


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