Hey Fellas


Let’s have a talk. The above is my face when a strange man who I hardly know decides to dive in for a kiss having only known me for ummm four minutes (a rough estimate). During that time period when you were droning on about what a fascinating and amazing person you are who “makes love to your mind and your heart” (yes, you said that twice and I felt embarrassed for you each time), you must not have noticed my eyes glazing over in a manner which could only say “you are mortifying … and boring”. During that short interval you managed to not ask me ONE SINGLE question about myself. My job title could have been “assassin” and you would not have even noticed until it was far too late for you, silly man.  But more important you foolishly mistook my being polite for my being interested which is a mistake far too many males make.  A smile doth not equal attraction.  You’re quite lucky I didn’t smack the shit out of you.

I really could have used that designer knuckleduster tonight, Agathe.

–  Aja

(Photo from Droidforums)


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