Re: Vivienne Westwood Armour Ring


Online Vivienne Westwood has a small available, but it’s in gunmetal . . . which I actually think looks quite cool.  But I understand if you want what you want.  Unfortunately after I talked to you, now I want one too.  Goddammit Molvik, you truly are a curse upon the wallet.  I also like the Knuckleduster quite a bit too and that’s available from a site in the US!  I don’t have money for either at the moment though so I will put this idea firmly out of my head.


Meanwhile allow me to introduce you to my first designer purchase EVER.  The Anglomania blouse purchased from Selfridge’s in 2003.


I went back three times to look at.  When I finally purchased it, I didn’t didn’t even want to look at the price tag for fear that my guilt would consume me for paying that much for a single blouse.  But this one garment has stood the test of time.  Granted the armpits are yellowing, but it still fits like a glove so I refuse to get rid of it.  When I finally moved back from London, I was skulking around the house feeling depressed while wearing it.  My Dad (who always has an eye for these things), glanced at me and said,

“That’s a nice blouse … how much did you pay for that?”

The look on my face must have given me away because he responded next with,

“That’s okay.  Sometimes it’s alright to spend money on nice things.”

–  Aja


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