Vivienne Westwood Armour Ring

Around 2009 some time I went to visit an ex boyfriend of mine in London. I had gotten really sick the day before but decided to go anyway. The flight was horrible, the train ride even worse and the hour long wait for the bus in the middle of winter was pure torture. When finally arriving at my exes house (we were already broken up at the time) only to discover that we had to share a single bed.

I was so feverish and stuffed that I couldn’t even get down a sip of beer. We had planned to go to all sorts of insane underground parties. Wasn’t going to happen. I felt like shit.

I did however manage to get some shopping done (cause you always manage to get some shopping done no matter how sick you are) and I did find some gems. My favorite pair of shoes are from that trip, about the only pair of 6 inch heels I own that aren’t either stripper heels or drag queen shoes. This really cool knitted dress that I never even wore. It’s still sitting in the closet. And I got a Vivienne Westwood armor ring. The only problem, it was too big.

Whenever something is either kinky or gay, I seem to think of B. So far I’ve given him a harness, tried to squeeze him into my drag queen heels, given him a vintage Russian sailor shirt and a salmon colored t-shirt with naked butts with the letters S E X painted on them. You know, that kind of stuff. And now I gave him my Westwood ring. It fit him, lucky little bugger!


Thing is, I want one too! There are copies on eBay, but I know they are copies because apparently Westwood never made her jewelry in sterling silver for some reason but rather some cheaper metal coated in silver. I am crying out here hoping that maybe there are someone out there who can help me find one in a smaller size. I really want the original rather than some copy cause they really don’t look the same. Any ideas?

– Agathe


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