Sailing Again!

Sailing9_19_14 SailingUnderARunway SailingUnderARunway.jpg

This might become a regular thing until November (when the season winds down in the DC area).  I was discussing this with my sister on the phone the other day.  We just want to do things and learn new skills.  We have all sorts of activities and hobbies.  My sister goes to the firing range in her spare time (no joke), so she knows how to handle a gun.  I dance ballet, sew and knit.  She’s a really good cook.  She’s always experimenting in the kitchen.  (I fail pretty hard there).  We signed up to take a horseback riding lesson together and never followed through!  (Damn it!)  I once took a flying lesson, which was completely exhilarating but much too expensive of an activity for me to do regularly.  We also read a lot and often swap books.  I set a goal of 51 books this year and I’ve read 38 so far.  We just try and stay busy.

I recognize sailboats are a thing of privilege and I’m fortunate to have friends who share their membership with me.  I try and make up in other ways, like bringing sandwiches for everyone and wine (today I even remembered the corkscrew … last time I did not).  The marina we leave from is located directly across from an extremely active airport runway.  So today I got some really amazing shots!

–  Aja


4 thoughts on “Sailing Again!

  1. OceanBetweenUs says:

    I forgot to ask you which one it is. I’m kind of tempted to test it out. Not sure it would work with my skin tone though, but who cares. 😉 – Agathe


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