Love Is An Unconventional Thing


I know I told you this but I laughed SO HARD when we were chatting and you recalled your conversation with your Mother to me.  On more than one occasion of flowery feelings I’ve announced to my Mum,

“I think I have a boyfriend.  And I’ll tell you right now, you won’t think he’s cute!”

Truthfully my Mum has thought only 10% of my boyfriends were in any way conventionally attractive.  And a few she thought were downright ugly.  I brought one guy home and she just stared at him completely unimpressed.  But we also don’t have the same taste in men at all.  My eyes have practically rolled out of my head when my Mum has pointed out the type of man she considers conventionally attractive to me.  Like this guy.  But this megalomaniac right here is clearly more my style.  And with that I’m out of anyone remotely famous that I’m attracted to.  It’s tough out there when you like oddballs and the unconventionally attractive.  And to counter balance these thoughts I’ll just say, I truly don’t think I’m what most guys in DC order from the menu either.  Which is why I’m forever single.  And somewhat happy and smug about it too.  Most people aren’t selling me too hard on marriage.

Check out the page where the illustration is from for this post.  Mr Printables has tons of beautiful papers you can download and print.  The whole site makes me really happy!

–  Aja


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