Conversations With My Father


“So, have you seen pictures of Agathe’s new boyfriend?” –  Dad

“I have!”  – Me

“What’s the face tattoo look like?”  –  Dad

“Oh it’s not anywhere near as shocking as I thought it would be.  Suits him actually.  He seems sweet.”  –  Me

“Yeah from the way she writes about him he sounds very attentive and warm.”  –  Dad

And this is my life.  Sitting around in the living room, catching up with my Dad.  Chit chatting about happy things that happen to people we love, while Ave plays by my feet.  And you know what?  I wouldn’t trade our closeness for anything in the world.  It makes me really happy that my parents take an interest in my friends and their happiness.   Thirty something is nothing like I thought it would be.  But there are some things that are actually better than I ever imagined.

I hope you guys had a really splendid evening.  Sounds it.  Boat rides, cocoa and metal!

–  Aja

(Illustration by Mikaart).


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