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I don’t think I speak for only myself when I say “keep it comin’ with the Træna pics”.  I never get sick of looking at photos of cliffs, seaside and new flora I’ve NEVER seen before.  I’m glad you took a little walk by yourself.  Have you ever walked from one end of the island to the other in a day? It is possible isn’t it?  I think you’ve just been challenged . . .

This weekend was beautiful.  Just the most perfect autumn weather.  I took it easy today because yesterday was full of activity like Friday.  My friend Amy invited me to help out with an event in DC called Snallygaster, which her husband’s company had organized.  It took me some thirty years on this earth to figure out that I’m actually more of an introvert than I like to think myself to be.  Sometimes getting out to social events takes more effort than I like to exert.  However, I’ve realized that I find that being in large social settings a lot less daunting if I’m given specific tasks so I’m happy I went.  Amy is always busy with events every weekend so I think the only way I can see her is if I tag along.  And I could think of a much worst way to spend a Saturday than helping a friend hand out volunteer tshirts and meal vouchers plus watching an awesome live show.

At one point in time I found myself backstage, wearing a Snallygaster (dragon) costume while eating from the hospitality table which had been provided for the musical acts.  The lead singer from !!! (or ChkChkChk) was stretching and getting ready to go on stage and I struck up a conversation with him.  Pretty soon it dawned on me that he was in the band and I said mid sandwich bite,

“I suppose I’m eating your food aren’t I?”

He laughed and said “No big deal, there’s plenty!”

I just really love having funny conversations with nice people.

I spent 50% of my time wearing the Snallygaster costume.  Because if there’s a really stupid task that no one else volunteers to do, I’ll usually do it.  I’m easily talked into most silly things.

–  Aja


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