Fashion Trolling

Sometimes I really do think that fashion is trolling us.  Example?  The Stan Smith Adidas phenomenon.   Never am I so delighted as when something which I already own becomes the height of fashion.  Today I actually smiled to myself when I dove under my bed to dig these out.

MyStanSmiths KateMossStanSmith PhoebePhiloStanSmith

I bought them circa 2005 mostly because my roommate in London had them and he was notoriously tough on shoes (and well . . . everything else material).  Nick beats the streets hard.  In addition to being quite like the brothers I never sought out, the Budding boys have also inspired many a fashion trend in my wardrobe.  Simply put, they have great taste in hoodies and trainers.  But I’m quickly giving up my delusions of grandeur that I can seamlessly weave these sneakers into my wardrobe in an effortless way.  I tend to look quite sloppy in them.  The only thing I can figure is that the size of my feet (US10/UK8/EU41) makes the shoes wholly unflattering on me.  In my body to foot ratio, these sneakers look enormous and dingy on my 5’6 curvy frame.  Not that I care that much.  I’ll continue to wear them until they fall apart as I have all these years.

One thing I can say about them is that they do absolutely last forever.  I’m truthfully pretty sick of them but I hate waste so onwards.

–  Aja

(All photos:  Vogue)


2 thoughts on “Fashion Trolling

  1. They’re great shoes – and I’m sure your feet love you for them – but I couldn’t wear white sneakers chicly to save my life. I’ve got HUGE feet for my frame (sz 9/39). I’m always trying to keep things in proportion.

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    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      Honestly K Line they’re not super comfortable. The bottoms are hard and take about as much breaking in as my pointe shoes (which also make me look like a duck, for the record). It sounds like we have the same problem! – Aja


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