Super Moon


I really love when we stay up late and spend time chatting about tons of weird shit.  You are probably one of the most non judgmental people I have ever come across (that is an attribute I value in my friends, I like to think we judge in the right way).  You’re open to as many weird ideas as I have.  Like the other night when we were discussing certain primal instincts that we catch ourselves displaying.  I’ve got another one for you.

My niece is obsessed with the moon.  It started when she was about a year old.  Her eyes would zero in on it and they would twinkle with delight as she cooed.  Doesn’t my sister’s skin look luminous here?  I retouched nothing on this photo.  (Because I am lazy.)


From that point on, whenever the moon was spotted, she would shout “the mooooooon” and start grinning like a lunatic.  We began regularly taking her outside to see the moon.  Nicknames were formed and eventually her obsession went from being a little odd to something we just smiled about proudly.  (We are clearly proud of odd things, in case you didn’t notice.)

Tonight was no different.  My sister rang me on my phone to remind me of the super moon and to ask if I wouldn’t mind taking Ave outside before bed.  I willingly obliged.  I suddenly remembered times when I was a teenager and the angst would be so great and overwhelming, that I would slip outside in the middle of the night and go sit by he lake watching the moon, willing the time away until adult days when everything would make sense.  (Spoiler alert:  Nothing ever really makes sense).

And now, there is this precious, beautiful being in my life, who treasures the moon as I do.  As we stood by the lake together tonight, hand in hand, I looked down and thought “your blood, my blood, little one” and for a brief millisecond of a moment in time, everything made sense.

–  Aja

(Moon photo from here).


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