Re: Super Moon


When I grew up I used to consider the moon my best friend, and not only that, but the moon came to symbolize love for me. Whenever I felt lonely, I’d look up at it and say hi, feeling the hi that came back, knowing that some day I’d not be alone anymore. Somewhere out there there’d be someone for me.

I would sit in my room and write poems about this. About the love I hadn’t yet found, but longed for. Today these seem very childish and naive, but nevertheless, they still bear meaning to me. Okay, I’ll share a couple, mind you I was about 14 when I wrote them (meaning it’s okay to blush, I do too).


i slept

under a carpet

of his light

i visited orion

and danced

with betelgeuse

when i awoke

i was new


the wall breaks

i let him into the room

we rise out of the atmosphere

dance with the stars

beautiful melodies

come from the core of the planets

the sun and the moon

become one

the music stops

we sleep

in the light of the explosion

I know I am all gooey these days, but that’s because I’ve met someone. He is the one I earlier referred to as he who looks like he’s done some serious prison time. And he does look that way. He’s got tons of tattoos, several of them in his face, and he’s got a body language to match them. Yet he is the sweetest boy ever. I couldn’t help smiling yesterday while looking at him when he did the dishes after making me pizza. Somehow it felt so perfect. The tough guy being all homey and gentle. Sometimes people are complex in the most beautiful of ways.  To quote a common favorite of ours, Black, the one with a couple of 80’s hits: “This could be the big one.”

We’ve talked a lot about how scary dating can be, so far though it is flowing along just perfectly. The scary part is telling people. What if I fail again?

– Agathe

Illustration from here.


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