Hyper Paradise

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I have been in love with Aneta Ivanova‘s work for some time now.  She is so young and yet I think she has the artistic eye of a master.  Perhaps she’s lived many lives.  Whenever I come across another piece by her, I am filled with delight.  I find myself spending time on her website musing.  I think her work represents a lot of things, but the personal meaning I take away is the complexity of humans.  I try and remind myself this when attempting to deal with a personality I may not quite understand.  There’s so much we don’t know about the other person.  I have so many layers to me, I’m like an onion skin.  Only a small percentage of people get me immediately (pat yourself on the back).  But they are few and far between.  Meanwhile I’ve had more people come back to me a year into our knowing each other and tell me,

“I thought you were ____ at first but now I realize how wrong I was.”  

You can fill in the blank with any negative word of your choosing.  This happens less as I age so perhaps my personality is better suited for adulthood than adolescence.

I have a sea inside of me and the wind is constantly changing the direction of the waves but the boat always finds it’s way to safety regardless of how long it may take.  I have been accused of many things but no one has ever accused me of being vacant. 

You having fun darling?

–  Aja


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