Re: Two Bodies

Sometimes it may just be an advantage that we’re all a little broken. At least when we’re able to recognize each others needs. That’s what I’m thinking now anyway, because it seems to be the way that it’s headed. I mean, there’s little room for freak outs as long as there is constant reassurance, and by the time the reassurance fades, perhaps we dare to trust again? I had a semi freak out last night. Not because of someone else, but because I realized what an idiot I had been. That can be the worst sometimes, when it’s all on me, when I’ve been the jerk. I told B I was beating myself up over allowing drama into my life (cause that’s what I have been doing) and he said: “You know Grey’s Anatomy? I hate that show. It really sucks. So, just don’t watch it.” And it’s true. We don’t have to get involved. Drama will always be there. And then I felt fine again, cause he got it, and he didn’t judge me for it. And you know why he didn’t judge? Because he’s been there too. We all have. We’re all idiots sometimes, and I guess that’s the thing. We’re all broken, and we’re all idiots, and in the end, it doesn’t really matter. Those who love us will love us regardless.


Yes, there is just a slight possibility that something awesome will wash up on the shore tonight. 

– Agathe


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