My Day Started Out Good . . .


SadebyMishat KurtCobainbyMishaT BobMarleybyMishaT BillieHolidaybyMishaT MarvinGayebyMishaT

Today while you were relaxing and recuperating, I was out running the streets of DC, hanging out with the artist Misha Tyutyunik.  My assignment was to interview him for a television project in regards to a mural he painted on a wall in U Street.  I really enjoy working with artists.  They’re low maintenance (well not always but today . . . yes), low key and interesting people to chat with, so it was a pleasant morning indeed.  These are a couple of my favorite pieces from his website.  One of the coolest things about Misha T is seeing his style grow and change as you click on different mediums.  I do love his paintings of iconic musicians though.  He picks out the colors first that he wants to use to express the subject’s personality and then he goes from there. 

Today started out so awesome.  And then I got a flat tire on the way home.  Please enjoy these beautiful paintings of musical icons by Misha T none-the-less.

–  Aja


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