An Ordinary Day in Træna…

Well, not quite, but sort of. I was about to sit down to have lunch when my eighty something year old neighbor called and asked if I wanted to go out with her to eat at the local pub. Of course! The local shop had already served free breakfast in the morning, which I had also attended. Cause this is how it’s like, when something is happening around here, everyone’s invited, and most of the time, stuff is free. So she and I as well as a friend of hers went down there to eat. This is the crew I was hanging with.


Then we ate. Eat as much as you want buffet. I had whale stew.


Afterwards there was a free concert with the local singer-songwriter Æ outside the shop.


All of this was going on because of the newly started Norwegian hopscotch championship. Next year there’ll be a world championship here. The kids were making the worlds longest hopscotch in the streets. You see, since we live in one of the smallest and most secluded places of the country, we have to do it big. It’s the world’s biggest and the world’s first and the world’s best. Doesn’t matter what, it’s just for fun.


And after a cup of coffee and free pastries, we went back to our own to rest.


Sorry about the bad quality photos, I only brought my phone.

– Agathe


4 thoughts on “An Ordinary Day in Træna…

  1. I LOVE hearing about Traena. OMG, I have never eaten whale. Amazing. May I ask, Agathe, what is your job in Traena? Do you work remotely? And, I’d love to hear about how you manage the long night of winter. Please, tell us more about your fascinating home!


    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      I’m so glad you’re loving this aspect of the blog K. Line. Ironically, Agathe sent me a message that said “sorry for the lazy post!” I laughed because I never get sick of hearing about her life. – Aja


    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      I run the local museum. It’s a part time job which suits me just fine so I have a lot of time for other projects. This really is a very stress free environment. And I’m happy to share more from Træna, I’m glad you find it interesting!


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