I Would Be Seen Everywhere In These

Wait, you’re easily swayed?  Well I think you might be preaching to the choir of the Easily Swayed.  Here I am, helping you look for boots at 3am EST and some how I end up with these:


They’re by Melissa (one of my favorite shoe designers) lace up like pointe shoes and they symbolize that at 32, I probably won’t be wearing my pointe shoes too much anymore.  Seriously I’m way too old to be effing up my feet and breaking bones for the art form I love.   I’m happy as a clam in flat ballet shoes. 

But yes, I am easily swayed.  I know EXACTLY what you mean.  Perhaps that’s why I cut my blog consumption as well.  Also thank you for reminding me how many pairs of designer shoes I own.  I deserve a boot . . . right in the ass.  One time Sofia and I said we were going to add up how much my wardrobe cost at full retail cost (I always shop on sale).  I think it will probably make me want to punch myself repeatedly in the face, so we’ve never done it.  We’ll keep fashion post to a minimum here as it obviously leads to NO GOOD.  The minute we start talking about consumption, someone just lock up our credit cards.

–  Aja


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