Re: I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In . . .

See, this is why I don’t read blogs anymore, nor fashion magazines, I’m just too easily swayed. I ordered three pairs of boots, two sweatpants (the H&M ones), a cardigan and a t-shirt this morning. I haven’t even bothered to check my bank account to see if I can afford it. 

After I moved out here my sense of style quickly deteriorated. It’s just too windy, too cold, too rainy! And on top of that, I had a baby, and then everything was just too dirty or too uncomfortable or too much of a hassle. I ended up giving 80% of my clothes away to M in the little white house because she was running a little shop on the mainland at the time. If someone else can wear it, awesome. I’m not going to hold on to it just because. Turns out no one can wear it because I was so skinny during my fashionable days. From what felt like doing someone a huge favor, it turned out to become a major problem. Now she’s stuck with it.

Clothes have seriously not been a priority on my budget. I still splurge from time to time, but then it’s on vintage books and records. Cause that’s pretty much what I do. When I’m alone, I read books, tons of them. On the rare occasion I have company, I play records. And for those rare occasions I don’t really need a gazillion different outfits to choose from. A pair of jeans and a tank top will do just fine. 

This summer however things started to change. My son is older and more independent, so I don’t have breast milk or dirt on all my clothes anymore. I felt way more outgoing so all of a sudden it mattered to me how I looked like when picking up my mail in the morning. (There could be a cute guy there.) Also, I felt better in my own skin again. But from loving to go shopping… Well, here there aren’t any shops, but even in Oslo I could sit all day browsing online stores and find just the right thing. Now I can’t even be bothered. I’m like: “Just tell me what to get so I can get over with it!” I don’t even know where to shop anymore, I randomly clicked the first and best Facebook ad. This is what it’s come to!

I do have some goodies left from before, and I’ve worn a lot of nice outfits this summer. It has felt wonderful. Today feels like the first day of fall out here. Weather has been unusually great, but now it’s raining sideways, like it usually does. And then I need to get something warm and comfortable. So Aja, you sold me on the sweatpants. I’m in. Now I can’t wait for my packages to arrive in the mail.

These are the shoes I got. (Cause I really need three pairs of practically the same shoes.) The sweatpants you’ve already seen and the rest really isn’t that interesting. I’m not even completely sold on the brown ones now that I see them together. 


The first two are Mustang and the last are Caprice. 

– Agathe



2 thoughts on “Re: I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In . . .

  1. OceanBetweenUs says:

    Agathe, I totally like the black ones best. If you had to offload something from your splurge, I’d say just keep the black ones and send the others back. – Aja


  2. OceanBetweenUs says:

    The black ones won’t work with my jeans though, so I’ll need a second pair. But I really needed new shoes! I’ve worn the same pair for 6 years! – Agathe


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