I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In . . .

Sweatpants.  Except I would.  Like all the time.  Jennine, you are hardly alone.  Since we’re feeling all moody around here, I figured now was a good time to do this. Agathe was telling me one of the worst parts of that special womanly time is feeling like all your clothing is digging into you.

 “I don’t have anything too incredibly comfortable except dresses,” she explained.

My incredibly clever response was “Guuuurl, you need some sweatpants.  Don’t you worry, I will hook you up!” 

Obviously somebody’s getting a care package coming their way the next time I have money.

And now that companies like J. Crew and T by Alexander Wang make faaaancy fashionable versions, I can wear them all the time and pretend like instead of being crazy lazy, I’m being crazy fashionable.  And wear them I do!  Shame free, guilt free, with sneakers, a hoodie and a motorcycle jacket.  I got SO into it last winter I even made my own hybrid version of fleece hammer pants as seen here. 

1604955_10152148293261212_805512551_nIf you think I look satisfied with myself, don’t worry, I totally am.

A quick scan around the internet shows me that everyone is trying to get in on the expensive sweatpants game, but I personally swear by J. Crew and T by Alexander Wang because the price is on point and the quality isn’t bad.  H&M actually makes a wonderful pair of black sweatpants that I liked so much I bought two pairs (if you haven’t got any money, just get the H&M ones … you’ll be satisfied). 

My constant rotation:

SweatpantsExtravaganza1.  J. Crew’s Weekend Skinny Sweatpant

2. T by Alexander Wang’s French Terry Sweatpants

3. H&M Sweatpants 

Now go eat all those chocolate chips you have in your freezer for a rainy day.

–  Aja


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