Something Wicked Come This Way





Yes, of course you may squeeze in that we are one the same cycle.  It’s all on the table, right?  Speaking of cycle, I feel pretty awful, how about you?   Thank you for sharing your fool proof recipe.  I will be trying it out very soon because it sounds delicious and I’ll probably want to eat everything in sight shortly.  (But I might skip the raisins).

I am in the worst mood today (I took a nice long nap which ensured weird, stupid dreams) and to make matters worst I had my nerves royally danced on with tap shoes this evening.  It was one of those moments when you just know you need to retire to bed before you turn truly horrid.  It was an interesting juxtaposition coming down off of what was a lovely night last night.  Strangely enough, we spent the whole day texting back and forth to each other.   Yesterday he made a few jokes that my family sounded like “The Waltons” because we live in such tight proximities to one another and go on vacations together.  I told him he had no idea what he was talking about.  And then because I’m insane, I told him about the episode which was bugging me as of late, as if I was trying hard to get him to drop the squeaky clean title he had given us.  And then he said something quite brilliant:

“Some families hide their disagreements.  Some don’t.  All the same though.”

He’s kind of a gem so far.  So I’ll just wait patiently for the little freak flag to pop up.  But I am essentially breaking all the “rules” of dating by talking about stuff you probably shouldn’t mention until you reel the person in properly and they feel a bit stuck with you.  I suppose I always fail at failing to not lay my cards out on the table.  So no one listen to me about anything in regards to dating, okay?  Actually don’t listen to either of us about dating.  Make a note of that.

Anyhow, I started reading this interesting New York Times article about Negotiating Family Conflicts and it’s full of good advice.  I thought you Agathe might enjoy it too because we’ve both struggled a bit with family.  Now I shall file it away and read it again at a later date when my feathers are unruffled and I can actually apply the information in a positive way.   Hope your tummy is not as dissatisfied as mine (also my throat is getting a bit sore too and I’m not liking where this is headed at all)!  xo

–  Aja

 (All photos from Vintage Black Folk, which is incredible resource!)


2 thoughts on “Something Wicked Come This Way

  1. Not to ignore the post, but that top photo is awesome. They are like the turn of the century hipsters! That Beatnick-y guy is my fave. Really, it could be a modern photo if the women were dressed differently.


  2. OceanBetweenUs says:

    K-Line you cannot deny the coolness of the people in these photos. I love them because there’s so few photos of people from the turn of the century, let alone BLACK people! Rock on Beatnik guy! – Aja


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