The Wedding Ceremony


Yes, September 29, 2014 was indeed a good day! I am so happy Liam was safely delivered and he is even more adorable than I could ever have imagined. Apart from a baby being born and me and B getting married, I was also very moved by how the captain and the guys took to their parts very seriously. The captain had written a speech in advance, Haukur, B’s friend, did the photos, and he was very particular about getting everything documented. At night, after work, the guys had celebrated our marriage at the camp by getting drunk and reading the speech out loud again. Since I didn’t understand much of it at the time, I thought I’d share the translated version with you now.

“We are gathered here on this occasion because our Daddi (B’s nickname) and miss Agathe have decided to get married. This is intended to be a symbolic ceremony to give them the courage before the real deal. It is a thing of the past that boat captains can legally wed people. It was intended for when boats were at sea for long periods of time and people wanted to get married. I don’t think I am breaking any laws by doing this. 

Just so they know what to expect, I will read a poem by Birgir Bragason:

“They walk down the church floor

At 9 o’clock they went to bed

They woke up at 10 and 12, 2, 4, 6 and 8.”

Then the bride and groom shall take their place. And I will ask them both at once if they are ready to accept the responsibility that a marriage is. If the answer is yes, I will then ask the gods Odin, Thor, Freyr and Freya to strengthen them for good intercourse.

And we wish them well.”

(At this point he read another old poem, but it will have to wait for later, because not even B understood that one.)

– Agathe


I Got A Nephew Today!


Well some how it happened and we’re all in love yet again with another incredible, little human being.  And because you know my family by now … there were of course some stories.

Mum and Dad made fun of my hair while we waited for him.  (It did have a certain Sonic the Hedgehog je ne sais quoi to it this morning.)

ManygfinejokeshatersgonnahateAisha and James named Liam “William” (after my Dad) on his birth certificate but kept it a secret from Dad.  He will be called Liam however.  Dad was a bit in shock and had no idea how to react so instead he inquired about the finer things in life.

FreeicecreamdisappointedAisha told us all to “just get out” when she realized we (Dad, in particular) couldn’t be trusted to have a decent response to a perfectly pleasant surprise.

September 29, 2014 was a very good day Agathe!  Tell B I love his sailor shirt.  You two looked like a million bucks!  Sending hugs and love because the love cup here runneth over.

–  Aja


I Got Married Today!

I am so excited about Liam finally being born and I am sure he’ll be just as adorable as Avery is. While you’re becoming an aunt again, I also have some news: I got married today!

Okay, so it’s not like a real legal marriage, but the captain of the ship B works on is allowed to wed people, and so he agreed wed us. It only counts while we’re on the ocean, but that’s not too bad, being legally married on 70% of the planet.

So here comes the boat to pick us up. Nice ride, huh? We were both pretty damn nervous at this point.


This is where we got changed.


We had to wear helmets and life vests during the ceremony. Which by the way was very quick and I didn’t understand a single word since it all went on in Icelandic.


The boss and the captain.


And here we are, husband and wife.




This is the deck only minutes after the ceremony was over.


So yeah, B and I got married, even if it only counts on sea. Some day we’ll get married for real.

– Agathe

PS. I was wearing my Dr. Martens with the dress. 😉


Being An Aunt


Those of you that are new to this blog might not know this but I am the Aunt to a precocious little girl named Avery and tomorrow I will be an Aunt again (to Avery’s brother named Liam).  All of this excitement has got me thinking about being an aunt and how much I truly love it.  I thought it would be underwhelming but I can say with all honesty, I was truly shocked by how much love came pouring out of my heart the minute I heard Avery’s heart beat in an ultrasound.  Here are the things I love most about being an aunt:

1.  Permission to do really stupid things with little judgment from others because you have a child handy so you’re just playing the part, naturally.  These actions are no limited to but do include:

a.  Making stupid faces.

b.  Skipping in public for no reason at all.

c.  Having impromptu dance parties.

2.  Having a partner in crime when it comes to petty things like me being too lazy to wash and prepare food to eat.  I tell Avery to tell my Mum that she’s hungry, Avery does and comes back holding a bowl of raspberries.  We high five and eat them together.

3.  Being surprised when she says surprisingly adult things.  Three months ago she had come down with a cold in the middle of the night and my Mum and I were sitting up with her, rubbing her back at 4am.  I told her “Avery, I’m sorry you’re sick.  It makes me really sad when you don’t feel good”.  She patted my head and told me it was okay.  I was shocked by her even keeled response so I asked her how old she was.  Her response “I’m two.  Just two.”

I’m a little shocked that my heart will pour open with more unimaginable love tomorrow but hearts are funny that way, aren’t they?

–  Aja

PS-  I’m not sure if the photo of you and B shows up on your page because I didn’t even see it until B added me today.  Needless-to-say when he added me, it made me feel cool and then dorky for feeling cool.  That’s a damn good smokey eye indeed.

(Favorite illustration by Valeria Hernan)


All Sorts of Weird


Sometimes I wonder why the world is like it is. Why there are so many dos and don’ts and why we seem to conform so blindly to them. I’m no exception, I guess we’re all just prone to adopt different truths. For me, I don’t get why make-up for men is such a no-no. Who decided that half the population of the world “have” to wear make up, while the rest half “can’t” (at least if they’re want to be taken seriously).

I seem to meet people who challenge ideas like this, and yesterday B and I had a make-up session in the bathroom while sipping wine. I taught him how to do smoky eyes while demonstrating on myself. In reality we were wearing the exact same make-up, yet because he has a penis and I don’t, it seems more chocking on him. I posted this picture of us (the first of us together) on Facebook, and it got mysteriously quiet. I don’t care. I thought he looked smoking hot!

In addition to experimenting in the kinky and weird department, we’re also trying all sorts of strange foods. I like introducing our local specialities to someone who hasn’t tried them before (one day you’ll be the target, Aja). I especially love it when they seem to like everything they’re being served. We had cod tongues one day (fry cod tongues up in butter and they turn crispy on the outside and soft on the inside), today we had smoked lambs hearts (actually never tried it before), the day before we had crab claws (which I guess isn’t all that weird anyway) and we have reindeer in the freezer for a rainy day.

I like this in meeting new people, how we can help each other expand our horizon and challenge some old beliefs that perhaps aren’t really as valid as we thought they were. I also like this about our friendship, how we both seem to be pretty open-minded, but how we sometimes have different viewpoints, and then I stop and think about my own perspective and maybe make a few adjustments. I hope I never stop doing this. The day I do, that’s the day I grow old.

– Agathe


Re: Re: I Can’t Sleep.


Perhaps I’m a romantic idealist . . . okay, so I’m definitely one, but I find the idea of storms at sea, incredibly romantic.  The notion that you should be trapped in a house, with someone who you just can’t help but to love spending time with, meanwhile a storm rages outside your window.  Well swoon, swoon, swoon.


I’m happy for you.  Not just because you are my friend and I love you.  But because everyone deserves to be happy and in love.  And when it happens to someone I happen to like . . . well that is like doubling the awesome!  Wishing you well and a splendid weekend.

–  Aja

PS-  The leaves are really starting to change here.  It is the BEST possible time to be in Virginia.  Hands down!

PPS-  I missed sailing today with the group!  I was way too tired.  But now I’m sad about it.  It hooks you in quickly.

(Photos from here and here.)