Re: Coffee and Cigarettes

You’re right about cutting each other a little slack.  You’re right about most things (except snorting tobacco up your nose).  One day we’re all going to get old.  One day we’re all going to need someone.  And yes, we need to give one another a break.  It’s funny that would be your response to that story.  Matt and I lost touch a few years ago.  Got annoyed with each other, probably not communicating as much as we should.  It’s hard sometimes with the distance.  Not for you and I obviously but we are kindreds.  I couldn’t have the friendship I have with you, with too many other people.  We found each other for a reason.  I’m convinced of that.  Anyway, I’ve had a lot of friends from overseas that sometimes you just can’t keep up with and sometimes you just stop.  But if the bond has been strong enough, than they’ll always be a smile for you in my heart.


Sometimes friendship is as simple as being the one to reach out even though you feel like you’ve reached out again and again.  Sometimes it’s being the bigger person even when your petty heart tells you otherwise.  Occasionally we have to forgive the areas where people fall short and lift up the areas where they’ve exceeded our expectations.  That’s what I’ve learned recently.  We have to stop being so hard on others and stop being so hard on ourselves.  I’ve also learned that if there’s a category for the friend who you can stay up late with and take stupid photos, well Mr. Duck gets a gold medal.


I reached out to Matt recently and after a week he responded.  Big plans.  He had moved from London to San Francisco!  He got a new job working for a monolithic clothing company and he sounded super content.  I was happy for him!  Not just happy but proud as well.  He had been talking about getting out of London for a while (he grew up there) and he finally did it!  He admitted that he thought perhaps I didn’t want to be friends and that was why he hadn’t let me know we were in the same country (though complete opposite sides) and my response:

“Of course not you silly fucker!”

–  Aja


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