Let’s Play A Game!


I’m so happy you received your care package of forbidden treasures.  Bergur sounds like such a lovely friend to have!  Hi Bergur!  Early in I asked Agathe who was visiting the site from Iceland?  I’ve known you were there all along.  Thank you for being so sweet to my friend!  Everyone needs a good care package every now and then.

So, we’re playing the word association game.  Write the first word that comes to your mind from the list below.  You’re only allowed one word.  You don’t have to copy and paste this on to a new post . . . just edit your answers into this one.  Ready?  Set?  DIVE IN!

(EDIT: I’ll give it a go, but I have a feeling my brain is way more predictable than you’d think! – Agathe)

Winning … Pigs? (Okay, we’re off to a shaky start, I had just gotten out of bed. This was truly the first word that came to mind.)

Home … Træna

Life … Adventure

Boys … Trouble

Music … Atmospheric

Summer … Crushes

Aja … Awesome 

Gold … Digger

Drink … Wine

Whisky … Friends

Face … Smile

Shoes … Red

Eyelashes … Long

Money … Old (I think what the word means to me, is that money as an idea, is old…)

Water … Ocean

Peace … Love

Mellow … Mornings

Winter … Storms

Ocean … Crushing

Joy … Balloons

Excited to read further inside that weird brain of yours’!  xoxo

–  Aja

(Illustration by:  Alice Moloney)


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