Coffee and Cigarettes

This morning I went to visit my friend M in the little white house. We were gulping down coffee, me on an empty stomach as I hadn’t even had my breakfast yet, and chatting about love and life – and friendship. How we need to cut each other some slack and be nice to one another. We’re getting older. Soon enough we’ll need people sticking around. We need to be there when the going gets rough, cause it does from time to time. And laugh. We need to laugh.


I was taking in that smell of rolling tobacco smoked out of the kitchen window. I have to confess, I do like the smell of it. Even though I quit years ago, the smell still makes me feel a little sentimental.



Then I realized that I had been drinking too much coffee and needed to get something to eat. The same second my eighty something year old neighbor called, asking if I wanted to go to the local café with her. So we went there, eating sandwiches and chatting some more, about how to survive in a small and isolated place like this, with businesses closing, people losing their jobs, families moving away. Then I did her shopping and watered her plants. We need to be there for each other. One day we’ll be old too.

It doesn’t have to be much. Just share that cup of coffee over a good conversation. Pick up our neighbor’s mail when they’re ill. Watch the kids. Look past our differences and laugh when we’ve been stupid. It makes me smile how you and Matt could act that way to each other and then just turn it into a good story. Those are the best friends.

– Agathe


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