Re: Pour It All Out.

I slept like a baby last night after talking to a friend on Skype while in bed (I love how the internet allows you to make random connections around the world). As I got up, I noticed that I didn’t feel sad anymore. That grayness of life, that confusion that can set in when you’re in between places and don’t really know where to go next, had turned into excitement. Anything can happen! 

I read your blog post, and then I realized I had a pineapple sitting on my kitchen counter. Fresh fruit for breakfast! Suddenly I had both number 1 and number 2 on your list crossed out. Number 3 I’ll pretend like I didn’t see. And then it’s number 4… Soon after breakfast I got a surprise visit from this man I know who wanted to take my son out for the day. An entire day off just out of the blue like that! Yes, I am really back on track again. The magic is flowing! Now what to do?

It dawned on me that I keep waiting for things to come to me. I don’t want to push things, I don’t want to be a burden, I don’t want to… Cause what if..? The first thing I did was to send a message to A to tell him that I miss him. I didn’t do that before because I didn’t want to bother him. Then I sent a message to some people I hardly know, but that I’d like to get to know, inviting them to come over some time. I didn’t do that before because what if they thought it was silly? Did you know that the pineapple symbolizes welcoming, friendship and hospitality? It all ties in together!

With these things rolling, I’m all set for number 5, because with tying bonds like this, I have places to go, people to visit!

When it comes to making decisions based on our hearts, we’re like partners in crime. I love that. And I’m ready for new adventures!

– Agathe



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