Pour It All Out.

Times when I read posts like the one you just left I feel so pleased with myself that I held you at gunpoint to be my friend, in that oh-so-pushy way we Americans do things.  Even when you are in pain you write so beautifully and clear that I feel grateful to be a part of your life and that you feel comfortable telling me these things (and now whoever else chooses to read along).  Just smiled thinking about us talking about people we’ve cried in front of on Skype with my Mum (and you crying).  She’s not always incredibly open so the whole interaction felt a bit like a gift.  It sounds to me like you’re a bit worn down in general, both physically and mentally.  Here’s my sure fire way to getting back on track.

1.  Diet.  Lots of fresh fruits.  Lots of fresh vegetables. 

2.  Sleep.  Loads of it.  (Just try I know it’s not easy).

3.  Lay off the tobacco products.  They keep you wired.

4.  Start a new activity, whether it’s that beautiful book you just got in the mail or maybe a new toy for Mekias, get to work.

5.  Start planning a trip to go somewhere.  While Træna is beautiful, we both know you shouldn’t spend your entire winter there lest you want the swift boat to losing your mind. 

Not to self:  Must figure out how to make the connect AE so I don’t have to keep copying and pasting Træna from the internet anytime I want to write it.  Laughed when my Mum asked you “What on Earth would make you move to a place that far away from everything?”  And then you went on to told her you moved after having a dream about it.  She’s finally starting to realize her middle child isn’t the only one that makes decisions based on her heart. 

–  Aja



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