Re: Re: Help, I’m Alive

“I won’t cry for you.  My mascara’s too expensive.”  –  Adriana Lima

As I read your post I found myself thinking how odd it is that the distance between us rarely feels like 4,000 miles.  Possibly because we talk almost every day.  And then I had to remind myself that we’ve never met.  I truthfully don’t think every person you meet is meant to be in your life for the long run.  But when you find one who is, you hold on tight.

What is it about the healing and contagious power of make up?  As we mentioned earlier in our chat, there’s something about putting on mascara that just makes you feel so much more pulled together.  Perhaps it’s one of the well known illusions of the beauty industry.  But I give them props because they’ve certainly got that figured out.  Now how on earth did they trick us all into believing we have to have our mouths hanging open to apply it correctly?  (Kind reader, you do it too and you know it.)

Even on Skype today, the minute I started pouting to apply my lipstick, you got out your compact and immediately started powdering that luminous Nordic skin of yours.  Completely contagious.

Now put down that nose tobacco (because that shit is disgusting and so bizarre) and cheer the fuck up.  I’m half joking because I know it’s never that simple.  Being alive can hurt like hell sometimes but no matter how empty and pointless it all feels sometimes, it’s not and you know that!  Plus somebody loves you!  (Me!)

–  Aja



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