Re: The Beautiful Art of Giving

I so agree with you. There’s something about giving things away that has a way of adding something to the mix. If you sell things, there are no attachments, everybody contributes their share and the deal is done. You exchange one thing for another. But when you give something away, it fills a gap, like the guy from craigslist who obviously needed the tv. And not only that, there is a slight obligation attached to it, not in a negative sense, but in the sense that the person on the receiving end is more likely to return the favor to someone else in the future. And this makes for such a beautiful circle.

There are those touching experiences, like a few days ago, when a neighbor had been out fishing, and he left a bag of fish on my front door. And like yesterday when a friend of mine had been to the mainland, cause lord knows we’re not spoiled when it comes to exotic foods out here, so she had brought me a bag full of cheeses and yummy snacks! Even a mini bottle of Champagne!

Things like these give me hope for the world. It can be such a crappy place sometimes. People can be so mean and hateful. And so many people are lonely and isolated. And then a gift is given, and a bond is tied, and it makes you smile knowing that all will be good.

Of all the bad experiences of my life that has left me disappointed and shattered, these ones cut through, just like a really good morning chat with a really good friend!

– Agathe


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