The Beautiful Art of Giving

I really enjoy when you and I are able to chat in the morning while I drink my morning tea.  It might have been just absent minded nattering on, but it was a great start to my day.  We should do that more often.

Remember how I mentioned that a guy was coming to get our television from craigslist?  Every year when my Mum goes away to Alabama, my Father makes little changes in the house, which she nine out of ten times absolutely HATES.  It’s the well intended deed that never goes unpunished, so to speak.  This year we finally are getting rid of the tv set that my Mum complains about endlessly.  The picture is fuzzy and it magically turns on the captions whenever it feels like it.

No one should ever throw anything in working manner away.  I see it all the time and it’s so wasteful and thoughtless and a sign that our society is really fucked.  While I live in one the most affluent of areas in the US (Northern Virginia), there are still people in need everywhere you look.  So instead of throwing out or donating, I actively seek to find homes for stuff.  Donating is great if you don’t have the time, but actively finding a new owner for something is more ecologically responsible.  Because with donations there is no guarantee that your items won’t end up in the landfill.  (We have an abundance of excess in this country, which is of course not evenly distributed).

I listed the tv yesterday afternoon and today as my Dad was about to go through the pains to lift it into his car (something he should not be doing) and take it to work (they have a work shop where they strip electronics for the parts), I saved it because I had an email from someone offering to pick up.

When the new owner arrived, I knew immediately that I had made the best choice.  His pick up truck had seen better days.  His sneakers were a little raggedy.  He had a veteran’s sticker affixed to his bumper.  I explained to him that besides the mysterious captions, the television was in good working shape.

“That’s actually a great coincidence, because I’m hard of hearing,” he explained.

And like that.  The universe gives and everybody wins.

–  Aja



Who Are We? But More Important What Do We Love??

We love LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE.  Sweet LOVE.
We love each other.
We love good music (especially on vinyl.)
Men.  (Even when they are hard to love.)
The Ocean.
Whisky. (Only Agathe.  Aja can only drink small quantities.)
Just the right amount of crazy.
We experience things very deeply and go into everything full of heart.
We use our intuition sometimes more than any other sense.
If we’re given the choice between good or interesting, we always go for interesting.
We never settle for less.
We march to our own beat.
We NEVER give up on love.  We just take breaks.  (Sometimes long ones.)
We are Aja Barber and Agathe Molvik.  We have never met.  But we’re pleased to meet you.
This is our story.